Creative Commons Music Streaming

now you may checkhout my new channel on Its a copy of the Stream running already on but on Youtube the convenience and trust to the platform is much higher for the audience.

Now here on I present also a lot of Creative Commons Music I found on Throughout all Mixtapes with free music with CC Licences available free for download a variety of more then 300 hours of mostly electronic music of styles like House, Techno, DubHouse, Drum&Bass to Ambient Sounds may be heard now.

Creative Commons Music Streaming with OBS

For this Project I’m using OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio, which enables me to compile Music, Videos, Images and even Web Cams e.g. from who generously allowed me to embed their Live Cams from Corralejo and El Cotillo on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura into my Creative Commons Music Streaming Project.

Creative Commons Music Streaming ready for social interaction

I’m keen to hear from you, once visiting this stream on – there you may just checkout this work in progress e.g. for anouncements of parties, new webcams and new Video content being updated regularly. So please leave a like or even subscribe to the channels to give me your apreciated feedback

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