Música Latina por The In-Crowd

Otra vez Ele Jota del Klub Tropical esta invitando la gente para escuchar la programa „The In-Crowd“ por el Domingo 4. de Junio en las Frequenias de la Radiofabrik.at que son 107.5 y 97.3 MHz al rededor de la ciudad Salzburgo en Austria. Presentando Música Latina por the In-Crowd La programa con el titulo „The […]

Creative Commons Music Streaming

now you may checkhout my new channel on https://youtube.com/@El_Jot. Its a copy of the Stream running already on twitch.tv/el_jot but on Youtube the convenience and trust to the platform is much higher for the audience. Now here on https://youtube.com/@El_Jot I present also a lot of Creative Commons Music I found on Mixotic.net. Throughout all Mixtapes […]

Sunset Lounge pa fuera

This time DJane Hannah from Latino-Mio and Ele Jota del Klub Tropical are calling again to this very special After Work Session with Música Latina to dance to. Lights, Music, Action are due on Wednesday 10th of May from 5 to 10 p.m. – no admission, barrier free. Sunset Lounge stepping to Música Latina Thanks […]