Klub Tropical 24/7

Latest achievement on the way to get incredibly famous, Klub Tropical presents its own and branded Video Channel, its on now and running 24h seven days a week.

Twitch Klub Tropical 24/7

Klub Tropical now offers a brand new 24/7 music channel on twitch.tv/El_Jot. The playlist incorporates finest selection of DJ mixes one can find freely to grab in the internet, all legal as the collection is drawn under Creative Commons.

Klub Tropical 24/7 Streaming on Twitch


All of these mixes may be downloaded from mixotic.net, a very fine platform to research and find music, mostly house and dubby techno from various netlabels and compiled by enthusiastic DJs offering their work for free.

Klub Tropical 24/7 running on OBS

OBS Open Source Studio Software is just a WOW, if it comes to produce content for live streaming or broadcasting. Here some additional plugins have been used to automatically playback the musical content in a shuffle mode, switch sceenery and provide information about the music being played. There is still a Lot more to come, so pleased watch out for this channel and the improvements it will see in close future ahead

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