Fiesta de Otoño Sunset Lounge

9th of November 5 to 10 pm: This time we celebrate una „fiesta de otoño“ at the venue Sunset Lounge in the „Wolferl„-Lounge of the JUFA Hotel Salzburg City. This time our motivation brings a lot of „Salsa brava“ and „Bachata Sensual“ to the dancefloor and creating a very special Wednesdays Afterwork Party.

Fiesta de Otoño Sunset Lounge with Mr. Pachanga

Music selector Mr. Pachanga from Cali, Colombia presents the finest selection of Salsa and danceable beats from his rich and spicy selection. Being born and raised in Cali he has been soaking up Latin Music with mothers milk and now fills the floor with cool and ease for your pleasure.

Ele Jota del Klub Tropical en la Fiesta de Otoño Sunset Lounge

Tropial Styles and best Music from Salsa Brava to Bachata Sensual spiced up with Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton is the passion of Ele Jota. Calling to the dancefloor at this monthly event called Sunset Lounge in Salzburg Nonntal. Come on and dance with us and enjoy ..

Fiesta de Otoño Sunset Lounge @ JUFA Hotel Salzburg City

The Crew of the „Wolferl“ Lounge and Bar at the JUFA Hotel Salzburg City is welcoming you to join the „Fiesta de Otoño Sunset Lounge“ and serving you with best drinks and nicest ambience. Music, Lights and cool Drinks. The rest is up to you — be there and have fun.

Sunset Lounge on 9th of November 2022
Sunset Lounge on 9th of November „Fiesta de Otoño“ with „Mr. Pachanga“ and „Ele Jota del Klub Tropical“

Live Streaming Fiesta de Otoño Sunset Lounge

As always Sunset Lounge will be streamed onto „Mixcould“ – so if you cannot be there you may follow us and enjoy five hours of good music and fantastic mood.

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