Summer Sunset Lounge

This time, this Summer Sunset Lounge we present a special Música Latina Afterwork for all our friends addicted to the latin dance floor.

JUFA Hotel Salzburg City presents Summer Sunset Lounge

Sunset Lounge is hosted by Klub Tropical, Kollektiv Tanzbar and Latino Mio at the very fine JUFA Hotel Salzburg City every second Wednesday each month. This time on August 10th and as always bringing best Música Latina to the Terrace and Lounge from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Sunset Lounge on 10th of August @ JUFA Hotel Salzburg City

DJ Jhonny @ Summer Sunset Lounge

DJ Jhonny, the host of Latino Mio dance school always puts in new flavours and a decent mix from Bachata to Salsa and Kizomba, calling to the floor in order to move.

Mr. Pachanga adds tropical authenticity to the Summer Sunset Lounge

Andrés aka Mr. Pachanga is dedicated to the soul of columbian salsa music and digs it to the core as a selecter. You will be delighted by hearing goods and goodies from the vaults to be danced to in the streets of Calí, Colombia.

Ele Jota brings on Summer Sunset Lounge

This summer is a special one. A summer to dance and to enjoy warmth and tropical days. So Ele Jota del Klub Tropical enjoys to bring vibes of the southern hemisphere to the Summer Sunset Lounge at the JUFA Hotel Salzburg City.

Summer Sunset Lounge with Música Latina Afterwork

so come over to the Summer Sunset Lounge at the friendly JUFA Hotel Salzburg City on 10th of August 2022 from 5 to 10 p.m. No Admission and bring your best smile and moves.

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